July 15-24, 2016


Thank you to everyone who made the Surrey 2016 WBSC XV Women's World Softball Championship a success! To all 30 nations, 33 officials, 750 volunteers, sponsors, supporters, and spectators - we could not have done this without you. We truly appreciate everyone's time, energy, and support in making this the best and largest World Championship ever hosted!

Tournament Game Results | ALL Game Results

GameNo GameDate TeamA Score Score TeamB Type
PRG-10 Jul 24 Austria 0 5 Czech Republic PO
SPCRG-7 Jul 24 Australia 1 4 Puerto Rico PO
CRG-10 Jul 24 United States 7 3 Japan PO
SPPRG-7 Jul 24 Serbia 8 5 Ireland PO
CRG-9 Jul 24 Canada 1 11 Japan PO
PRG-9 Jul 24 Greece 0 1 Austria PO
SPCRG-6 Jul 24 Brazil 2 9 Puerto Rico PO
CRG-8 Jul 23 Canada 9 2 Netherlands PO
SPPRG-6 Jul 23 Ireland 11 3 Kenya PO
PRG-8 Jul 23 Guatemala 1 2 Greece PO


To inspire youth, celebrate our community, and promote engagement in sport, on and off the field.


To host the greatest World Championship ever, where the unifying power of sport will bring our community together and inspire athletes from around the world to reach farther, push harder, and seek excellence.

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